Naturally Hair Spa Treatment at Home

In today’s world, everyone wants to seem perfect in everything. If you’re very beautiful, having an attractive personality but your hair looks frizzy, brittle, rough and unhealthy, this condition of your hair always puts you in an embarrassing situation. Hair spa treatment has become the foremost preferable and good option for damaged hair. It provides you with deep relaxation and distressed your mind from the varied tensions. It also gives hydration and nourishment to your hair. In the market, there are different types of hair spa treatments are available. You bored with spending your money and time in parlours or in salons but it relieves you for a bit time but again your hair looks the same as they’re. So, why you are doing not try hair spa at home? it’s very easy and convenient at home with natural ingredients present in your kitchen. At-home spa, you’ll be able to use natural things and natural spa is cheaper as a salon spa so, let’s start with the steps. How to do Hair Spa at Home? There are 7 steps of hair spa:

Step 1 – Oil message:

oil message for hair spa treatment
oil massage for a hair spa treatment
The first step to begin a hair spa treatment at home is oil Massaging. In massage, take any hair nourishing oil like vegetable oil, coconut oil, almond oil and massage your head for 15- 20 minutes. Massage softly and smoothly along with your fingertips. you’ll also take Luke warm oil for massage. It helps to increase blood circulation, hair growth and take away dryness of your scalp.

Step 2 – Steaming of Hairs:

Steaming of hair with hot towel for hair spa treatment
Steaming of hair with a hot towel for a hair spa treatment
After oil Massaging, next step is hair steaming. Take a big towel and dip it in very warm water, squeeze the towel to remove extra water. Now, wrap this towel around your head and cover all of your oiled hair. Wrap it a minimum of 15 minutes, it helps the oil penetrate into the scalp deeply. Hair steaming gives nourishment to your hair which makes softer and smoother hair.

Step 3 – Use mild / Herbal Shampoo:

Herbal shampoo for hair spa treatment
Herbal shampoo for a hair spa treatment
The third step is washing your oiled hair with shampoo. you’ll use any shampoo but it should be mild. For oiled hair washing, always use lukewarm water to clean your hair, It helps you to remove all oil from your hair. Never use hot water for hair washing, it’s going to cause dry scalp, dandruff and weakens your hair roots.

Step 4 – Use Natural Hair Mask:

natural hair mask for hair spa treatment
natural hair mask for a hair spa treatment
The last and final step provides your hair all the required nourishment. Different types of hair masks are available in the market, you’ll buy it or use your homemade hair mask. The homemade hair masks nourish your the scalp and hair roots. Making a homemade hair mask is extremely easy but also very cheap. You need some simple kitchen ingredients. Here some natural hair mask recipes for a different type of hairs:
  • > For Damaged Hairs
  • Hair For hair that’s really unhealthy and been through too many hot iron pressings, make a pack which will soothe and cool the scalp. In a bowl, mix two egg yolks with one egg white, juice of 1 lemon and some drops of honey. Make a paste and apply it on the hair. Leave it on for half an hour.
  • > For Oily and greasy Hairs Take an egg white and apply evenly to your hair, without mixing it with anything. Leave it till for 30 mins.
>For Dry and fizzy Hairs Dry hair treated well by use of a banana hair pack. Mash a banana and blend with it one tablespoon (tbsp) honey and one tbsp lime juice. Mix everything together till you get a creamy texture. Apply the paste on to your hair, especially focusing on the roots.

Step 5 – Wash again with mild Shampoo:

Now on an average of 30 to 45 mins later after applying a hair mask, rinse off by using a baby or mild shampoo as I said within the step no.3.

Step 6 – Use Conditioner:

After proper shampooing, apply conditioner on your wet hair. you’ll use any hair conditioner that suits you either Store-bought or homemade. Start with the halfway down the shaft towards the hair tips than roots to the tips. Rub your hands together and spread the conditioner everywhere your head. You’ll also use a comb for correct spreading. Wash your hair with water. Hair conditioning prevents drying your hair and make your hair soft and shiner. You can use a natural conditioner : Mayonnaise and Honey Hair Mask as Deep Conditioner :
mayonnaise  & honey mask for hair spa treatment
mayonnaise & honey mask for a hair spa treatment
Take half a cup of mayonnaise and blend it well with two tablespoons of honey & 3 tablespoons of olive oil. Use a blender to whip it into a smooth cream-like form. Apply conditioner on the hair, but not apply on hairs root.

Step 7 – Steaming of Hair:

After using conditioner repeat step-2 again.

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