10 Easy Yoga For Irregular Periods and Menstrual Pain
Irregular Periods and Menstrual Pain

10 Easy Yoga For Irregular Periods and Menstrual Pain

Irregular period may be a common condition now a days. A menstrual cycle is 28 days long but it can range from 21 days to 38. It’s irregular if you’ve got not had your periods for over 35 days or have experienced bleeding within 21 days of your previous period. Irregular period can happen and it’s normal. It’s advisable to consult your doctor if it occurs frequently.

 It’s caused due to changes within the hormonal levels, poly cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), birth control pills and using medications. Other reasons for irregular periods include thyroid issues, pregnancy, breastfeeding, uterine fibroid, intrauterine device and stress. one among the simplest ways to manage your irregular period, painful menstrual cramps and menstrual disorder is yoga. Here are some yoga asanas to help you regulate your periods.

Causes of irregular periods (Menstruation disorder)

  • Loss of weight
  • High body weight
  • Infection in reproductive organ
  • Changes in diet
  • Breastfeeding
  • Miscarriage
  • Birth control pills
  • Hormonal imbalance.

Yoga poses (exercises) benefits for irregular periods (Menstruation disorder)

  • Yoga helps to reduce stress.
  • Regular practice cures the abdominal disorders.
  • Help to relax your body.
  • Regulate every a part of a body.
  • Relieve menstrual pain.
  • Improve the function of abdominal organs.

10 Easy Yoga Poses That Will Cure Irregular Periods and Menstrual Pain:

1. Dhanurasana (Bow pose) For Irregular Periods:

Dhanurasana is one among the simplest poses for your genital system . It’s a basic yoga posture and is useful in reducing tummy fat, strengthening your medulla spinalis , thighs and ankles. 

Dhanurasana (Bow pose)
Dhanurasana (Bow pose)

How to Do:

  •  Start by lying on your stomach on the ground .
  • Inhale and slowly, bend your legs backwards.
  • Now, stretch your arms backward and hold on to your ankle. the load of your body is supported by your stomach.
  • Hold this position for approx 20 seconds then return to the first position.
  • Repeat this four to 5 times.

2. Bhujangasana (Cobra pose) For Irregular Periods :

Bhujangasana is a superb yoga asana for your reproductive organs. It improves digestion, exposes your chest and improves blood circulation.

Bhujangasana (Cobra pose)
Bhujangasana (Cobra pose)

How to Do:

  • Begin by lying down on your stomach on the ground .
  • Keep your legs together and your palms on the bottom near your face.
  • Now, inhale and lift your upper body by pushing down your palms. 
  • Attempt to stretch your neck the maximum amount as possible.
  • Hold this position for a couple of minutes then return to the first position.
  • Repeat this about five times.

3. Ustrasana (Camel pose) For Irregular Periods:

Ustrasana may be a great exercise to manage your periods and relieves menstrual pain. It strengthens shoulders and back, improves posture and adaptability , massages your internal organs and exposes your chest.

Ustrasana (Camel pose)
Ustrasana (Camel pose)

How to Do:

  • Begin by kneeling down on the ground . 
  • Confirm your shoulders and knees are aligned.
  • Extend your body backward and hold your heels.
  • Push your hips forward and drop head back.
  • Hold the position for about 25 second then come to the first position.
  • Repeat this few times.

4. Baddha konasana (Butterfly pose) For Irregular Periods :

Baddha konasana is one among the simplest asanas to for the treatment of menstrual problems. It improves the genital system in both women and men. This improves blood circulation and helps stimulate organs like kidney and bladder. Baddha konasana also relieves stress. It’s beneficial for pregnant women for a smooth and straightforward delivery.

Baddha konasana (Butterfly pose)
Baddha konasana (Butterfly pose)

How to Do:

  • Start by sitting down on the ground together with your knees bent and therefore the soles of your feet touching one another .
  • Hold your feet tightly and begin flapping your thighs up and down without moving your feet. 
  • Do that for a few of minutes.

5. Malasana (Garland pose) For Irregular Periods:

Lately , we tend to spend hours in sitting position, which isn’t good for our health. This is often an excellent asana for improving metabolism, toning the belly, activating the gastrointestinal system , strengthening your groin and is useful for your genital system.

Malasana (Garland pose)
Malasana (Garland pose)

How to Do:

  • Start by squatting down. Keep your feet hip-width apart and squat deep.
  • Now, spread your knees wider than your torso.
  • Bring your palms together in Namaste position then keep your elbows within the inner thighs and stretch it.
  • Hold this position for a few of minutes and return to the first position.

6. Adho Mukha Svanasana For Irregular Periods:

Beneficial in strengthening the entire body specially the arms, legs, shoulders and feet.Regular practice of Adho Mukha Svanasana calms the mind and relieves headache, insomnia and fatigue.It tones the muscles of the body and helps in weight loss.Another advantage of Practicing Adho Mukha Svanasana is that it increases the circulation to the brain.

Adho Mukha Svanasana
Adho Mukha Svanasana

How to Do:

  • Stand on four limbs, such your body forms a table-like structure.
  • Exhale and gently lift your hips and straighten your elbows and knees. you would like to make sure your body forms an inverted ā€˜Vā€™.
  • Your hands should be in line together with your shoulders, and your feet in line together with your hips. 
  • Confirm that your toes point outwards.
  • Now, press your hands into the bottom and lengthen your neck. Your ears should touch your inner arms, and you ought to turn your gaze to your navel.
  • Hold for a couple of seconds, and then, bend your knees and return to the table position.

7. Matsyasana For Irregular Periods:

Matsyasana may be a great yoga asana that works wonders on the respiratory system. The fish pose boosts the oxygen and blood flow to the lungs, increases the lung capacity, and helps fight respiratory ailments like asthma, bronchitis, etc.


How to Do:

  • Lie flat on your back, ensuring your legs are together, and your hands are placed comfortably beside your body.
  • Place your palms under your hips such the palms face the bottom . Now, bring the elbows closer to every other, placing them on the brink of your waist.
  • Cross your legs such your feet cross one another at your middle.
  • Your thighs and knees are placed flat on the ground .
  • Breathe in and lift your chest up such your head is additionally lifted, and your crown touches the ground .
  • Make sure the load of your body is on your elbows and not on your head. As your chest is lifted, lightly pressurize your shoulder blades.
  • Hold the position only until you’re comfortable. Breathe normally.
  • Exhale and release the position, lifting your head first, then dropping your chest to the bottom . Untangle your legs and relax.

8. Tadasana (Palm Tree) For Irregular Periods:

The whole spine is stretched, and therefore the spinal nerves are loosened. This asana develops physical and mental soundness . This asana  will help in regularizing your cycle. 

Tadasana (Palm Tree)
Tadasana (Palm Tree)

How to Do:

  • Stand erect together with your heels together or about 10 cm apart.
  • Raise the arms above the top and place your folded hands together on top of the top .
  • As you inhale, stretch your arms, shoulders, and chest upwards.
  • Simultaneously, raise the heels and stand on your toes.
  • Stretch the entire body from top to bottom, without losing your balance or moving the feet.
  • Keep the eyes open and fix your looked at some extent ahead of you.
  • Stay within the position for a couple of seconds counting on your capacity.
  • Exhaling slowly, come down on the heels. this is often one round.
  • Do that five times.
  • Breathing should be synchronized with the raising and lowering of the arms.

9. Sarvangasana For Irregular Periods:

This asana helps within the smooth blood supply to the organs within the upper a part of the body like eyes, heart, face, thyroid, roots of spinal nerves and brain. As a result, circulatory congestion is relieved and hormones flow freely into the blood. This asana is  utilized in yoga therapy for treating menstruation related pain.


How to Do:

  • lie on the back and relax completely.
  • Slowly raise the legs, hips, and trunk during a continuous movement until vertical.
  • Raise the legs ā€“ keeping the knees and hips straight by supporting with the arms on the bottom .
  • Bend the elbows and hold the trunk with the hands. 
  • During this posture, the chin is buried within the upper chest.
  • Retain the position for as long because it is comfortable, then come down slowly. 
  • Do that asana just one occasion during a day.

10. Pawan Muktasana For Irregular Periods:

This asana massages the digestive organs. Therefore It is very effective in removing wind and helping with constipation. It gives you relief from indigestion during menstruation.

Pawan Muktasana
Pawan Muktasana

How to Do:

  • lie on the back with both ankles and toes together.
  • Fold the knee of the left foot and lift it up towards the chest.
  • Then with both hands, fold the knee between both elbows, push the knee towards the chin and appearance straight ahead. 
  • During this position, the opposite foot will remain straight.
  • Similarly, repeat with the opposite leg. T
  • hen both the legs together. within the end, fold both legs between both arms. place the knees on the chin, and appearance straight ahead.
  •  Do that thrice with each leg.

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